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Retra Film Company is a production house for everything video.

We do it all And we do it awesome.

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Cracking the code for a successful marketing campaign is no easy task. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. From social media campaigns to TV ads and everything in between, we are the concept kings!


We take care of it all, A to Z.
Whether it be a shooting day, animation, music video, live broadcast or basically anything you can think of, our super hero production ensemble is always at the ready.


Wanna turn that dog in the background into a cat? Want that car to explode mid air? Need a top notch pro color grade?
Retra has your back with the best professionals around.


our clients

צור קשר

Wanna shoot? Shoot, don’t talk.
But let’s talk, it’s less bloody.


Moshe Maor St 3, Tel Aviv, Israel

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